Bachmann Roland / Münst Burger Milena

Newsletter 2/19: Competition from employees ceasing to work for an employer – prevention and safeguarding interests

When an employee ceases to work for an employer, loyalty to his employer is put to the test. There is a great temptation to solicit the former employer’s clients for personal gain and to exploit manufacturing or other trade secrets for the employee’s personal benefit or the benefit of a competing business. This newsletter shows how companies can prevent this and how they can defend themselves against prohibited conduct by employees who no longer work for them.

Müller Melanie / Strahm Andrea

Newsletter 1/18: When do you need trademark protection in addition to your business name?

Sometimes, persons setting up a company are confident that their business name is adequately protected by registering the company in the Commercial Register and believe that this sufficiently prevents third parties from using their name. This newsletter explains the implications of protecting a Business name and the circumstances in which it is advisable to also register a trademark.

Braun Martina / Künzler Oliver

Newsletter 4/17: EU General Data Protection Regulation: Implications for Swiss businesses

Extensive efforts are currently underway to bring data protection law in line with rapid technological developments. These initiatives include the new General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) which applies within the EU from 25 May 2018. Although the EU GDPR is not directly applicable in Switzerland, many Swiss businesses fall within its scope. This newsletter outlines the impact of the EU GDPR on Swiss businesses and what action they need to take.

Hilber Sarah / Wetzel Thomas

Newsletter 2/17: Delusions and confusions surrounding Lex Koller

It was only in June 2014 that the Swiss Federal Parliament rejected motion 13.3975 calling for the ‘reinstatement of Lex Koller authorisation for real estate used for commercial purposes’ and motion 13.3976 calling for the ‘abolition of the privilege allowing the acquisition of shares in real estate funds and listed real estate companies under Lex Koller’. Yet the Federal Council has insisted that some of these proposals should be implemented under a revised Lex Koller regime and initiated a consultation process on 10 March 2017. The consultation period runs until 30 June 2017.

Eckert Suzanne / Künzler Oliver / Schott Eva

Newsletter 1/17: Practical implementation of the new disclosure requirements for shareholders and LLC members

The new disclosure requirements for acquirers of shares and limited liability company (“LLC”) capital contributions have led to considerable uncertainty in practice. The purpose of these requirements is to enable information to be obtained on both the owners and beneficial owners of companies limited by shares or LLCs. There are harsh sanctions for failure to comply with disclosure obligations: membership rights will be suspended and property rights may lapse. In practice, many questions remain unanswered with regard to implementation. Some possible approaches are set out below.

Barth Salome / Tobler Daniel

Newsletter 1/16: Estate planning - an evolving process

Personal estate planning is a constantly evolving process. It is essential to review and adjust existing arrangements regularly to reflect any changes in your personal circumstances and financial situation. Current need for action may in particular be identified with regard to the dealing with digital data, gifts and loans as well as occupational benefits schemes.