Brigitte Umbach-Spahn


Brigitte Umbach-Spahn is a partner on the Insolvency and Restructuring team. She advises creditors and debtors in national and cross-border restructuring and insolvency cases and represents clients in court in insolvency matters. She also acts as administrator/liquidator in complex insolvency proceedings and serves as a member of creditor committees. Brigitte Umbach-Spahn has been appointed by FINMA as an investigating agent for banks and financial institutions.

Brigitte Umbach-Spahn is past co-chair of the IBA Insolvency Section and since 2019 member of the advisory board of the IBA Insolvency Section. She regularly speaks at national and international conferences and publishes on topics relating to insolvency law.

Practice Areas:

Insolvency and Restructuring
Banking and Finance
Litigation and Arbitration


Extraordinary bankruptcy administrator Publicitas AG in bankruptcy liquidation
Liquidator Bank Hottinger & Cie AG in bankruptcy liquidation
Liquidator Petroplus Marketing Ltd in debt restructuring liquidation
Liquidator Petroplus Refining Cressier SA in debt restructuring liquidation
Liquidator Swiss Market Maker & Securities AG in bankruptcy liquidation
Liquidator AAA Beteiligungen AG in Liquidation
Liquidator AI Technology AG in Liquidation
Liquidator Diamonds24 AG in Liquidation
Liquidator Top 24 AG in Liquidation
Liquidator Stanford Group (Suisse) Ltd in liquidation


2007 Partner Wenger Plattner
2001 Attorney at Law Wenger Plattner
2001 University of Pennsylvania (LL.M.)
1999 Law clerk High Court Zurich
1997 Law clerk District Court Hinwil, Zurich
1996 Trainee at Baker & McKenzie, Zurich
1996   University of Zurich (lic. iur.)

Selected publications:

Corona-Pandemie: Nichtverlängerung der insolvenzrechtlichen Massnahmen zur Bewältigung der Coronakrise
Entscheid des Bundesrates anlässlich der Sitzung vom 14. Oktober 2020

Corona-Pandemie: Verordnung über Insolvenzrechtliche Massnahmen zur Bewältigung der Coronakrise
Die Verordnung des Bundesrates vom 16. April 2020 (COVID-19-Verordnung Insolvenzrecht) tritt am 20. April 2020 in Kraft

Corona-Pandemie: Rechtliche Auswirkungen des Corona-Virus
Fragen und Antworten

Corona-Pandemie: Soforthilfe Überbrückungskredite für KMU - Inkraftsetzung der Notverordnung
Der Bundesrat hat die Notverordnung zur Gewährung von Krediten mit Solidarbürgschaften des Bundes verabschiedet

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Swiss Insolvency Proceedings – lessons learnt from the decisions of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court in the Swissair case (in German)
Summary of the article in the ASA Bulletin, Volume 36, No. 4, 2018: When can a foreign arbitral award be enforced in Swiss insolvency proceedings against the insolvent defendant? This question arises because according to the pro-visions of the NYC, enforcement may be refused if the subject matter of the dispute is non-arbitrable. The arbitrability of insolvency-related claims is contentious under Swiss law and actions to contest a schedule of claims are portrayed as being non-arbitrable. In the Swissair case, the Supreme Court has now rendered various deci-sions dealing with the significance of foreign civil judgements for the assessment of claims and related schedules of claims proceedings in Swiss insolvency proceedings. The principles thereby developed can be applied to arbitration and lead to the identification of four different scenarios. These scenarios are discussed in the article.

Newsletter 2/18: My business partner won't pay up. What should I do?
An important business partner always pays my invoices late. And then eventually payments cease altogether. There are rumours in the industry that the business partner is about to go bust. What should I do?

Kommentar zu Art. 293-304 SchKG
In: Schulthess Kommentar zum Bundesgesetz über Schuldbetreibung und Konkurs SchKG, Kren Kostkiewicz Jolanta/Vock Dominik (Hrsg.), 4. Auflage, Zürich/Basel/Genf 2017, basierend auf der 1911 erschienenen 3. Auflage von Carl Jaeger

Anfechtungsklage (in German)
In: Kommentierte Musterklagen zur Zwangsvollstreckung und zu den Rechtsmitteln, Fischer Willi/Theus Simoni Fabiana/Gessler Dieter (Hrsg.), Band V, Zürich 2016, S. 73 ff.

Kommentar zu Art. 200 und Art. 285-292 SchKG (in German)
In: Kurzkommentar SchKG - Schuldbetreibungs- und Konkursgesetz, Hunkeler Daniel (Hrsg.), 2. Auflage, Basel 2014

Kommentar zu Art. 29 BankG (in German)
In: Basler Kommentar zum Bankengesetz, Watter Rolf / Vogt Nedim Peter / Bauer Thomas / Winzeler Christoph (Hrsg.), 2. Auflage, Basel 2013

Pauliana und Sanierung (in German)
In: Europa Institut, Sanierung und Insolvenz von Unternehmen, Sprecher Thomas (Hrsg.), Zürich 2011, S. 157 ff.


Brigitte Umbach-Spahn lic. iur., LL.M.
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Bar admission (1999)


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