Insolvency and Restructuring

Drawing on their vast body of experience, our team analyse crisis situations rapidly and cost-effectively. In a race against time, we devise solutions for creditors and debtors that are easy to implement and assist in implementing these solutions with optimum results.


By way of execution (attachment or debt enforcement proceedings), we enforce domestic and foreign judgments for national and international creditors against debtors, who are resident, have their registered office, or hold assets in Switzerland.

Composition proceedings and bankruptcy

In composition proceedings and bankruptcies, we act as administrators, liquidators, trustees in bankruptcy, or members of creditor committees. We bring actions to contest schedules of claims and avoidance actions. We assist foreign receivers and trustees in bankruptcy in expanding insolvency proceedings into Switzerland and in recovering assets located there.


We develop reorganisation plans for debtors in financial distress and assist in their implementation. We conduct negotiations with important creditors (lenders, employees, or suppliers) and advise on M&A transactions in crisis situations.


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Jagmetti Denise / Umbach-Spahn Brigitte

Chambers Overview Switzerland: An Introduction to Restructuring / Insolvency
In: Chambers, Indepth Overviews, SWITZERLAND: An Introduction to Restructuring / Insolvency

Umbach-Spahn Brigitte

Corona-Pandemie: Nichtverlängerung der insolvenzrechtlichen Massnahmen zur Bewältigung der Coronakrise
Entscheid des Bundesrates anlässlich der Sitzung vom 14. Oktober 2020

Umbach-Spahn Brigitte

Corona-Pandemie: Verordnung über Insolvenzrechtliche Massnahmen zur Bewältigung der Coronakrise
Die Verordnung des Bundesrates vom 16. April 2020 (COVID-19-Verordnung Insolvenzrecht) tritt am 20. April 2020 in Kraft

Bossart Stefan / Künzler Oliver / Stalder Beat / Umbach-Spahn Brigitte

Corona-Pandemie: Rechtliche Auswirkungen des Corona-Virus
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