Litigation and Arbitration

Our Litigation team has a wealth of experience and expertise in litigation and arbitration across the full spectrum of civil and commercial law matters. We have particular expertise in insolvency, corporate and real estate law as well as employment, inheritance and art law issues. We set up our teams according to the needs of clients, combining dispute resolution know-how with industry practice to achieve top-quality results for our clients.

Hands-on representation

Our work includes advising and representing Swiss and foreign companies, individuals and government agencies in a range of contentious matters before Swiss courts and administrative authorities and national and international arbitration tribunals. We are happy to assist with enforcement matters, mutual assistance procedures and interim relief proceedings. Several of our specialists also serve as part-time judges for national courts and as arbitrators. This ensures that our lawyers keep abreast of court decisions and practice.

Proactive, solution-oriented approach

We take a proactive approach to safeguarding the interests of our clients, focusing on specific solutions. At every stage in the process, we are committed to finding ways to resolve disputes amicably in a time and cost-effective manner.


Further specialists


Hostettler Yannick

Rezension der Dissertation «Vorprozessuale Prioritätssicherung, Rechtshängigkeitssperre durch vorprozessuale Streitbeilegungsverfahren im europäischen Zivilprozessrecht» von Julian Duventäster
in: Rabels Zeitschrift für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht (RabelsZ), Jahrgang 88 (2024) / Heft 1, S. 170-175

Bachmann Roland

Streitverkündung und Streitverkündungsklage: «ménage à trois» im Zivilprozess
In: Frédéric Krauskopf / Adrian Rothenberger (Hrsg.), HAVE Haftpflichtprozess 2023, Das Rechtsbegehren, S. 95-122

Herzfeld Adam / Otto Carsten

Pre-trial rights of information and inspection under Swiss law
Bi-Annual Newsletter of the AIJA - International Association of Young Lawyers Litigation Commission, 1/2023.

Kesselbach Stephan / Otto Carsten

Die Aufsichtsbeschwerde gemäss Art. 17 SchKG
in: Kommentierte Musterklagen zur Zwangsvollstreckung und zu den Rechtsmitteln, Band V, 2. Aufl., 2022, S. 9 ff.

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