Graf Karin

Karin Graf is awarded as “Thought Leader – Switzerland 2020”


In: WWL Thought Leaders – Switzerland 2020

Otto Carsten

Vollstreckung eines vor dem Friedensrichter abgeschlossenen Vergleichs, Besprechung BG Horgen EZ190003


In: ius.focus 5/2020, S. 19, 15. Mai 2020

Hostettler Yannick / Kesselbach Stephan

Corona-Pandemie: Massnahmen in der Justiz und im Verfahrensrecht im Zusammenhang mit dem Coronavirus


COVID-19-Verordnung Justiz und Verfahrensrecht: Bedeutung für Zivilverfahren

Otto Carsten

Kostenregelung nach einem Vergleich, Besprechung KGer BL 410 19 43


In: ius.focus 4/2020, S. 20, 15. April 2020

Graf Karin / Umbach-Spahn Brigitte

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Swiss Insolvency Proceedings – lessons learnt from the decisions of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court in the Swissair case (in German)


Summary of the article in the ASA Bulletin, Volume 36, No. 4, 2018: When can a foreign arbitral award be enforced in Swiss insolvency proceedings against the insolvent defendant? This question arises because according to the pro-visions of the NYC, enforcement may be refused if the subject matter of the dispute is non-arbitrable. The arbitrability of insolvency-related claims is contentious under Swiss law and actions to contest a schedule of claims are portrayed as being non-arbitrable. In the Swissair case, the Supreme Court has now rendered various deci-sions dealing with the significance of foreign civil judgements for the assessment of claims and related schedules of claims proceedings in Swiss insolvency proceedings. The principles thereby developed can be applied to arbitration and lead to the identification of four different scenarios. These scenarios are discussed in the article.

Graf Karin

Newsletter 3/17: Some reflections on negotiation strategies and dispute settlement


Resolving conflicts is expensive. At the outset, clients incur costs internally due to staff and managers spending time and energy on documenting and resolving disputes. Later on, expenses may arise in the form of attorney’s fees and court costs.

Hostettler Yannick

Commentary on Article 17 of the Swiss Civil Procedure Code (in German)


In: Kommentar zur Schweizerischen Zivilprozessordnung, Sutter-Somm Thomas / Hasenböhler Franz / Leuenberger Christoph (eds.), 3rd edition, Zurich 2016 (together with Dr. Martin Hedinger)

Hostettler Yannick

Commentary on Articles 271-273 of the Swiss Civil Procedure Code (in German)


In: Kommentar zur Schweizerischen Zivilprozessordnung, Sutter-Somm Thomas / Hasenböhler Franz / Leuenberger Christoph (eds.), 3rd edition, Zurich 2016 (together with Professor Thomas Sutter-Somm)

Wenger Werner

Polyvalente Schieds(gutachtens)klauseln, Anmerkungen zu BGE 142 III 220 (in German)


In: 34 ASA Bulletin 2016, S. 914 ff.

Die prozessrechtlichen Wirkungen des eine negative Feststellungsklage abweisenden Urteils (in German)


In: Roland Fankhauser/Corinne Widmer Lüchinger/Rafael Klingler/Benedikt Seiler (Hrsg.), Das Zivilrecht und seine Durchsetzung, Festschrift für Professor Thomas Sutter-Somm, Zürich/Basel/Genf, 2016, S. 157-167.