Notary Services

Several of our lawyers in Basel also serve as civil law notaries and have built up extensive experience and expertise in this area. They advise on and notarise corporate transactions, resolutions, and contracts in the areas of property, family law, the law of succession, company law and foundations as well as takeovers, mergers, and other business transactions, including documents governed by German company, contract and matrimonial property law as well as the law of succession.

Wenger Plattner has substantial experience and capabilities in the following areas:

Notarisations relating to property in the Canton of Basel-Stadt

The sale, purchase and structuring of property (including property divided into shares under  joint or condominium ownership, building rights agreements and other easements) as well as property financing.

Notarisations for companies throughout Switzerland

The incorporation of stock corporations and limited liability companies, capital increases and reductions, amendments to articles of association, company restructuring (mergers and de-mergers, transformations, asset transfers).

Transaction support (M&A)

Neutral party for transaction support, specifically as depository for transaction documents (e.g. data room) or as escrow agent for payment transactions.

Other notarisations

Wills, matrimonial property and deeds of inheritance, property agreements, foundations, and enforceable deeds etc.

Notarisations for Germany (German foreign notarisation)

Our notaries in Basel have many years of experience in notarising business-related transactions under German law: company acquisitions and financing (transfer and pledging of GmbH shares) and transactions under the transformation act, electronic filings with the German Commercial Register (e.g. lists of shareholders), wills, matrimonial property agreements and deeds of inheritance.



Gränicher Dieter

Corona-Pandemie: Notariat in Zeiten des Coronavirus
Beurkundungen nach Schweizer und Deutschem Recht

Gränicher Dieter

Corona-Pandemie: Notariat in den Zeiten des Coronavirus
Beurkundungen nach Schweizer und Deutschem Recht

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