Life Sciences and Health Law

The Wenger Plattner team has gained significant expertise in life sciences and health law over many years - expertise that is constantly evolving.

Life sciences and health law are complex interdisciplinary areas involving issues under both public and private law as well as specific legislation.

Our clients include hospitals, pharmaceutical, biotech and insurance companies, healthcare bodies and organisations as well as individuals.


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Braun Martina / Conti Carlo / Künzler Oliver

GLI – Pricing & Reimbursement 2018
Every resident in Switzerland is mandatorily obliged to be covered by basic healthcare insurance which provides for a wide range of services. Persons with lower incomes are in principle granted reductions on the premiums payable for such basic healthcare insurance. Thus, every resident in Switzerland is granted access to affordable healthcare.

Braun Martina

Totalrevision des GUMG
In: LES Newsletter 1-18, Zürich 2018

International Conference: Innovation and Competition in Life Sciences Law, Conference held by Law Faculty of the University of Basel on June 9, 2017 in Basel
In: Life Science Recht 1/2018, S. 65f. (zusammen mit Dr. Andreas Schöllhorn)

Künzler Oliver

The life sciences, drugs and healthcare industry in 2016 and beyond: trends and predictions
Edited by Thomson Reuters, Practical Law, London (June 2016)

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