Real Estate

The Wenger Plattner Real Estate team has wealth of expertise and extensive experience in all aspects of real estate, construction, and tenancy law. Our experts hold positions on the decision-making bodies of companies, courts, and the authorities and thus provide hands-on, practical advice. We specialise in representing property owners, developers, landlords, investors and property management companies.

Success with real estate

Our advice covers all phases of construction projects, from the initial idea right through to the yield on the investment. We regularly review properties and construction projects for a range of clients and assist them in the relevant procedures and negotiations. In making recommendations, we adopt a commercial approach, focusing on solutions. We are also happy to assist in creating the optimal organisational structure for implementing construction projects and selecting the right partners.

Real estate litigation

Naturally, we also represent clients across all areas before courts, arbitration tribunals and the authorities. But more importantly, we identify potential conflict situations early on, thus avoiding litigation.


Further specialists


Tschirky Nicole

Ringkuhkampfarena und Markthalle in einer Speziallandwirtschaftszone gemäss Art. 16a Abs. 3 RPG
Kommentar zu: Urteil des Bundesgerichts 1C_49/2017 vom 26. September 2017 (BGE 143 II 588) im digitalen Rechtsprechungs-Kommentar (dRSK, zusammen mit Kathrin Waditschatka)

Tschirky Nicole

Walliser Praxis zu Art. 9 Abs. 4 lit. a BewG unzulässig
Kommentar zu: Urteil des Bundesgerichts 2C_1082/2016 vom 2. Juni 2017 im digitalen Rechtsprechungs-Kommentar (dRSK, zusammen mit Janick Hüppi)

Plattner Placidus

Die Ersatzsicherheit für Bauhandwerkerpfandrechte
In: Baurecht 5/2017, S. 292 ff.

Hilber Sarah / Wetzel Thomas

Newsletter 2/17: Delusions and confusions surrounding Lex Koller
It was only in June 2014 that the Swiss Federal Parliament rejected motion 13.3975 calling for the ‘reinstatement of Lex Koller authorisation for real estate used for commercial purposes’ and motion 13.3976 calling for the ‘abolition of the privilege allowing the acquisition of shares in real estate funds and listed real estate companies under Lex Koller’. Yet the Federal Council has insisted that some of these proposals should be implemented under a revised Lex Koller regime and initiated a consultation process on 10 March 2017. The consultation period runs until 30 June 2017.

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