Our tax team comprises experts with a vast breadth of expertise and experience in providing tax advice to legal entities and individuals. Each of our advisors is a generalist but also has recognised expertise in at least one specialist area of tax. Our tax team has representatives in all locations. This local connection, combined with specialist knowledge spanning multiple locations, enables us to find optimal solutions for all issues of tax law.

Customised tax planning

We advise on all aspects of tax planning from the very beginning of an issue until it is finally resolved, from the inception of an idea through to fruition. We regularly review existing structures with a view to tax optimisation. In making our recommendations we adopt a commercial, solution-oriented approach, taking account of our clients’ size and existing organisation.

Integrated tax advice

Our clients often seek our advice on specific tax issues. Our tax advisors are also routinely involved in projects across other disciplines of Wenger Plattner, thus contributing to the success of the project as a whole.


Further specialists


Bachmann Roland / Braun Martina / Solo de Zaldívar Cristina

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IFF Schriftenreihe Finanzwirtschaft und Finanzrecht, Band 115, Bern 2019

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