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Our employment law team has many years of practical experience and extensive expertise. We advise employers and executives on all issues of private and public employment law, including where such issues intersect with social security and work permits.

In particular, we provide client support in drafting and amending employment contracts and regulations, terminating employment, preparing severance agreements, international staff deployments, and employment disputes. We also provide assistance with mass redundancies and redundancy packages and advise on employment law issues relating to company acquisitions and reorganisation. We represent our clients in court and in dealings with the authorities on all employment-related matters.

Sound, workable solutions

We focus on our clients' individual needs, with the aim of finding real-world solutions. Our team of highly experienced experts, which includes a Certified Specialist SBA in employment law, will provide efficient and goal-oriented advice. Our specialists are actively involved in decision-making as board members of operating companies and hold, or have held, positions as judges on employment tribunals as well as cantonal administrative courts. Our experts therefore combine employment law expertise with commercial acumen.


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Bachmann Roland / Hostettler Yannick / Münst Burger Milena / Solo de Zaldívar Cristina / Zencirkiran Fatma

Labour & Employment 2020, Switzerland
London 2020, pp. 388-395

Bachmann Roland

Einblick in den Kundenkreis als Voraussetzung für das nachvertragliche Konkurrenzverbot
In: Roland A. Müller / Roger Rudolph / Anton K. Schnyder / Adrian von Kaenel / Bernd Waas (Hrsg.), Festschrift für Wolfgang Portmann, Zürich 2020, S. 67 ff.

Bachmann Roland / Münst Burger Milena / Solo de Zaldívar Cristina / Zencirkiran Fatma

Corona-Pandemie: Arbeitsrecht und COVID-19
Aktuelle Fragen und Antworten

Bachmann Roland / Münst Burger Milena

Newsletter 2/19: Competition from employees ceasing to work for an employer – prevention and safeguarding interests
When an employee ceases to work for an employer, loyalty to his employer is put to the test. There is a great temptation to solicit the former employer’s clients for personal gain and to exploit manufacturing or other trade secrets for the employee’s personal benefit or the benefit of a competing business. This newsletter shows how companies can prevent this and how they can defend themselves against prohibited conduct by employees who no longer work for them.

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